The sport is one of the sectors that uses the most video 360. The main reason is to be able to end up in places inaccessible to the public. Sports events offer more and more live broadcasts in 360°. Many cameras and online platforms offer support for this technology.

Whether it is to promote a club or a sporting activity in particular, VR becomes an indispensable medium to develop its attractiveness.
You will discover here all the sports videos in 360 of interest. From football to motor racing there is something for everyone.


Rogers Arena – Canucks

You: The Star of Euro 2016

GoPro Fusion – Wingsuit Rodeo

Ski Jumping

GoPro Skydiving with Bombsquad

Inside the Box of Kurios

Bambino Danse

Red Bull F1

GoPro VR: Tahiti Surf

GoPro VR: Omni Trailer